Current Positions

  • Clinical Director of 100 Mile Health Clinic
  • Executive Director of Bridge Creek Medical Clinic
  • UBC Residency Program Coordinator for 100 Mile House
  • Board Director of the College of Chiropractors of British Columbia (CCBC)
  • Vice Chair of the CCBC Governance Committee
  • Board Director and Secretary of the Canadian Parents for French (CPF) 100 Mile House Chapter
  • Youth Leader at Cariboo Christian Life Fellowship
  • Mom of the two greatest kids in the world!



  • 2006 – Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Behavioural Neuroscience from the University of British Columbia (UBC), where she graduated on the Dean’s List
  • 2009 – Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) from Logan University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude and was Class Valedictorian
  • 2011 – Matriculated into the Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) program at UBC, but withdrew after one year when her husband matched for residency in Detroit


  • Active Release Techniques (ART) Spine, Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity*
  • Cox Flexion/Distraction*
  • Diversified*
  • Graston Technique (M1)*
  • Kinesiotaping (CKTT 1 & 2)*
  • McGill Method (Levels 1 & 2)*
  • Yoga Instructor (CCYT & R-HYI) (225 hrs)*
  • McMaster University’s Contemporary Medical Acupuncture (300 hrs)*

*None of these techniques have guaranteed results. Acupuncture is not permitted within the BC chiropractic scope of practice.


Clinical Positions

Since 2009, Dr. Juren has studied soft tissue, rehabilitation, medical acupuncture, and yoga* with doctors in the United States and Canada. She has practiced in sports medicine, general chiropractic, multidisciplinary, and family medicine clinics in Palm Springs, CA; St. Louis, MO; Greenwich, CT; Detroit, MI; Vancouver, BC; and 100 Mile House, BC.

Medical Community Support

Prior to taking over 100 Mile Chiropractic & Massage, Dr. Juren worked in a local family medicine clinic as an Adjunct Provider and the Director of Program Development. In this role, she was responsible for physician recruitment and retention, adjunct health practitioner recruitment, physician continuing education coordination, medical student program scheduling, community advocacy, clinic branding, web design, and stakeholder relations–particularly with the Division of Family Practice, Health Authority, and Ministry of Health. She continues to serve the medical community as the UBC Residency Program Coordinator for 100 Mile House.

Dr. Juren’s continued mandate is to improve the delivery of medical and complementary health care in her community.


Throughout her education and early career, Dr. Juren worked in multiple research labs at UBC and Logan University, published numerous research articles in peer-reviewed journals (such as Psychopharmacology and Physical Therapy), and worked as a research editor for an international company and a grant writer at UBC.


Dr. Juren’s extensive teaching experience includes numerous Teaching Assistant positions at UBC (Behavioural Neuroscience and Anatomy), Logan University (Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Physiology, Orthopedics, and Manipulation), and McMaster University Faculty of Medicine’s Contemporary Medical Acupuncture program (Student Forum Moderator). She was also an Associate Professor of Anatomy, Physiology, and Clinical Pathology at Baker College in Michigan.


Dr. Juren is currently a Director of the College of Chiropractors of British Columbia (CCBC), and is also the Vice Chair of the Governance Committee. Between 2017 and 2019, she sat on the former Executive Committee, and was Chair of the Research & Bursary Committee, Governance Working Group, and Independent Research Review Process (IRRP) Working Group.

Within the community, Dr. Juren continues to volunteer as a Community Health Services Advocate, Director and the Secretary of the Canadian Parents for French (CPF) South Cariboo Chapter, and a Youth Leader at Cariboo Christian Life Fellowship. She has also volunteered as an Assistant Coach for the One Hundred Mile House Soccer Association (OMHSA) and a Consultant for the South Cariboo Aquaplex Society.

In the past, Dr. Juren provided administrative support and branding expertise for the Federation of Independent School Associations of British Columbia (FISA BC), served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Contemporary Acupuncture Association’s (CCAA) quarterly publication Acupoint, and was the Vice President and Co-founding Director of a non-profit organization in Detroit.